(Chapter-2) Who We Are

English and Franch

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Important Information:

Welcome to the website for the Canadian Citizenship Test. The topic of your practice test for Chapter 1 of Rights & Responsibility is Right and Freedom. There are 13 questions in total on this subject. This subject is covered on the right side of page 8 of Discover Canada. You can study for the topic with the help of this practice test.

About Discover Canada:

Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship is a study guide for individuals who are applying for Canadian citizenship. It provides information about the history, values, and institutions of Canada, as well as the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Discover Canada is a study guide for those who are preparing to become citizens of Canada. Chapter 2, “Who We Are,” covers the history and culture of Canada, including the country’s official languages, English and French. The topic of English and French in Canada is an important one, as the country has a long and complex history of linguistic diversity.

English and French are the two official languages of Canada, and both are spoken widely throughout the country. According to the 2016 census, about 59% of Canadians speak English as their first language, while about 23% speak French. In addition to these two official languages, there are many other languages spoken in Canada, including Indigenous languages, as well as a wide range of immigrant languages.

The history of English and French in Canada is closely tied to the country’s history of colonization and settlement. English is the dominant language in Canada, and it is spoken by the majority of the population. It is also the language of government, education, and business in Canada. French, on the other hand, is spoken primarily in Quebec, where it is the dominant language, and in some parts of the Maritimes, where it has a long history of use.